A few weeks ago I attended a class to get a concealed carry permit. I don’t know your stance on gun ownership – and don’t really want to know, truth be told – but I thought I should have a permit if I ever decide to get a pistol. One without the other seems pointless. They went around the room asking why we were there. I was last to share and said, “I adopted a daughter”. I was promptly told that’s all they needed to know. They practically shoved a shotgun in my hand. What else am I going to hold in my lap on that fateful day, when some unworthy boy comes to take my daughter away from me? I doubt stroking a cat, ala Ernst Stavro Blofeld, would have quite the same effect.

I still don’t have a pistol, or said shotgun in the house yet, but I do have an air rifle. Mainly for dispatching squirrels that have decided the gas line of my grill is fun to chew on. Question: Do squirrels get high on propane? If so, Hank Hill missed an excellent marketing opportunity.

The wife is leery of me taking the boy out in the woods with the air rifle for target practice. Truth be told, after watching his inaccuracy with a wii remote, she probably has a point. Anyhoo, this week’s comic will feature the gleam a boy gets in his eye when he sees that first Red Rider air gun. Let’s hope his first time is icicle free.

Check back for the fun on Wednesday.
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