So each Monday, I try to dutifully post here on and try to tell you about something funny that happened with the kids or write something to tickle, if not your, then my funny bone. I guess I should have a funny anecdote about our Thanksgiving dinner or regale you with Christmas stories – be it fact or fiction. However, Kidney Bean is spending a fair amount of time at CHKD today and we’ll be finding out if she needs surgery tomorrow to have a stent placed in her bladder (they’ve already pre-booked the OR).

So, as you can imagine, my mind is parked squarely in that space. I know that many of the things she’s going through are common procedures, but when you look at your daughter, anesthetized and seemingly helpless on a hospital bed, it starts to wear on you; changing you little bits at a time. Not that it keeps me from thinking funny things. On the contrary, that’s exactly how I cope with these situations. But the humor I find in those moments is rather dark and macabre and doesn’t really translate into a comic strip. And I think many would find some of these fleeting thoughts outrageous or offensive, and I don’t want to spend time justifying my ‘process’ on a Facebook comment thread.

So today, just say a prayer that if she needs the surgery tomorrow, it goes well and there is no infection or pain… or any of the other issues related to the procedure (thanks Wikipedia). Hopefully there will be a comic on Wednesday, but if not, I’m sure you’ll understand.

Oh. And say a prayer for yourself and thank God your healthy. It’s a shame we only think about our health when it’s in jeopardy. Don’t walk through this life ungrateful that you can… well… WALK THROUGH THIS LIFE.