Busy, busy, busy. That’s all I can say. I’ve been on the road filming bits for PlaidDadBlog. Melody has been carting CJ from his after school program for the past month. In addition to her ‘side project’ (more to come). Mia has… well, Mia is Mia. She hasn’t had any kidney issues of late, and really has been the lowest maintenance member of the clan for a while. OllieMac has been giving his mother and I fits, due to the nonexistence of a normal sleep cycle in that kid’s brain. Seriously dude, just 6 hours straight each night would be a blessing. Get it together!

So this week we have part 5 of ‘What’s wrong with Mom?’. Next week we’ll be dropping some news, as March seems to be the big news front on both sites. Stay tuned and please SHARE. Thanks for reading!.