There’s been a lot to do at the real-life ForeverFamilyComic household. Heck, there’s just been a lot going on. Last week we didn’t put a comic up, as I was readying for a business trip for PDB is taking a bigger chunk of my time, because frankly, it’s seeing a lot more growth. My heart is with my ForeverFamily characters as much as it’s with my REAL Forever Family. That said, I’m having a harder time juggling the comic than in previous months. For one thing, we have major changes happening that will effect the comic, as you can start to guess in reading it. I’m also trying to bring as much new revenue in, to support said family changes, as I can. Barring us finding a benevolent benefactor, I’ll probably continue to put more time into PDB, as it stands the biggest chance of turning a profit (or at least breaking even) this year.

My number one goal is to always promote adoption. Number two is to be funny (actually, that’s a tie for #1). And three is to be consistent in posting. To help facilitate that, I may be making some changes to FFC’s site design. I’ll probably be building some ad space, and I may even adjust when we post – possibly on a bi-monthly (instead of bi-weekly) schedule. None of these plans are set in stone yet, however. If there’s a great clamoring for the comic to stay bi-weekly (my son’s comics on Tues & mine on Thurs), I will definitely take that under advisement.

Really, the thing you could do to help us out is just SHARE the comic. Be-it on social media or by telling a friend about FFC. If you know someone who is adopted, or has adopted; just say, “Hey, I know this great comic you should read. And it’s safe for the kids to read too!”

That would go a long way to further our cause and our vision of spreading the word about adoption, while having some fun at the same time.

Thanks for reading, and please stay tuned for more fun at!