Discipline is a tough gig. I’ve stated previously that parenting would be a cake walk if there was a sign over my kid’s head that said “I did that because I’m 7 years old and lack the mental skills to process the situation” -OR- “I did that because I was acting like a #1 douche-bag and completely knew better”. Not knowing which is which, often leads to over-reaction on my part. It could mean getting sent to bed early, losing TV privileges, or it could lead to a conk on the head while I look at them incredulously [spelled that right on the 1st time, btw +1].

But who am I to discipline in the first place? I wasn’t a perfect kid. And to be honest, I completely lack SELF discipline in many areas of my own life. Don’t let me know there are fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls in the house, my friend. They WILL BE DEVOURED! As a child, I was very respectful to my elders…. if you don’t count lying. I mean, I was doing them a favor by keeping the horrible truth from them, right? Right?!?!? My son is very respectful, as well. But he does moronic things that drive me up a wall, until I snap, and issue the proclamation “Just go to bed. I’m done. You’re done.” Then I wake up the next morning [or toss and turn with fruit flavored Tootsie Roll heartburn all night] and wonder, “Did I really have to do that?”.

Truth be told, CJ is so sensitive, he often tears up with mild correction, which then inevitably [ugghh, spell checked -1] leads to my parent’s voice in my head, “Do you want me to give you something to cry about, Mister?”. Yuck. I SOOOO do not want to be that guy.

So what have I, and you dear reader by extension, learned throughout all this? I. Have. No. Idea.


I hope you didn’t come here to gain any insight into parenting, because today, I have none. I guess I’m gonna take the same advice I give my son and start fresh like it’s a new day and try to learn from my mistakes. If this means apologizing [-1] to him for going over the line with punishment, I will. If it means having the 287th talk about why we don’t do ‘the thing you keep doing over and over again’, then I guess that’s what needs to happen. I try to end each one with a hug and an “I Love you”. Despite the confusion over what to do, I know that to be true.

Hope you all have a good week. Be sure to check back Wednesday for the latest comic. Oh, and if you’re keeping track, I ended with a -1 on spelling skills vs spell check. I figured if I wasn’t going to have any good advise, I might as well include a game. Good luck parenting out there!