I guess we got an early jump on National Adoption Month, with last week’s Halloween post. That means more adoption fun for you…. and more mining our family dynamic to dig up material for me. One of us has the EASY job, dear reader.

Anywho, we’re excited to celebrate this month with you.

The fact is, we could clear every kid in the system out in the month of November (well, at least start the paperwork) if just ONE family from every Church would inquire about adopting. Actually, that would leave some parents-to-be on the list waiting for kids. How cool would that be? Instead of kids feeling lonely, waiting for Moms and Dads, it would be the other way around! And as adults, we have the capacity (even if not practiced) for patience and understanding. A kid wants a parent NOW and can’t fathom why it’s taking so long.

You DO have room in your home (bunk beds). You DO have enough money to home a child (eat out less). You CAN afford adoption fees (Bethany Christian Services offers funding).

Let’s start on an early Christmas for these kids.¬†Why ‘adopt’ a kid from the Santa Tree this year by giving them a toy & some socks? Give them a real gift… PARENTS! Make the call.

1-800-Bethany or Bethany.org