Over at my other site, PlaidDadBlog.com, Aaron and I have entered into a devil’s (food) pact to lose some weight. We’re calling it, ‘Fatoberfest’. So far, so bad.

It’s not that we don’t know how to lose weight. It’s just that in our current culture and time in this world, it’s way too easy to embrace excess. 500 TV channels, internet, snack food for less than $1, eateries on every corner, etc. Heck, if I trip down my front steps, I’d likely roll into a buffet with a full plate to gorge upon, wherever my face landed.

It’s too EASY to stay fat. The gym is hard. The gym is a pain. Quite frankly, the gym sucks.

But it’s not the workouts that are bad. Nor the weights too heavy. Quite frankly, when I leave the gym, I generally feel good. The time it takes – THAT is the killer. Time away from other things you wish you could be/should be doing. Chores slid further down the list. Extracurriculars pushed the side. Less time with the family. THESE are the reasons I hate the gym.

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