Nothing went as planned this weekend. Just as Melody was getting over the combo feature of Strep Throat + Stomach Bug, we thought we’d be entering the weekend on a positive note. The deck, we quickly discovered, had been stacked against us.

A planned hooky day for Mommy, Papa, & kids deteriorated into a work day, so M could make up some sick time. While CJ and I DID have a fun day out, Melody toiled along wishing she was there. The next night was planned as a sleepover for all 3 kids, to give the parents some much needed alone time. Mid-afternoon, the calls started rolling in. Mia had a fever of 102, and CJ was complaining of headaches. 10PM, saw Mom & daughter in Urgent Care, waiting to find out the cause. Unknown virus – which is scarier than KNOWN virus, amirite? This threw the final day of the weekend up in the air and crashing on the floor.

CJ had to accompany me to a wedding M was supposed to attend. Misjudging our time, CJ and I had to throw out 2 Jamoca ice cream cones after just a few nibbles, to run down the street, lest we enter after the bride. This may have been the saddest moment of them all. CJ stared at me with puppy dog eyes and said, “we have to do WHAT with the ice cream?”, then proceeded to take bites while it tumbled into the waste bin.

Currently, everyone appears to be on the mend. Though the ice cream is gone, it will not be forgotten. R.I.P. Jamoca Sugar cones 2014-2014.