So, this week we take Kidney Bean to CHKD for a Mag 3 exam. This test involves them putting her under anesthesia and running radioactive liquid through the drip needle. They’ll also run additional tests while they have her there. We were hoping to avoid it this year, but for some reason, she’s not able to clear out her bladder fully (which can cause problems to a person with one weakened kidney) and they need to find out why.

We’ve gone through this once before, and it was tough on all of us. When we adopted Mia, we knew what we were getting into… and we didn’t. On paper, it feels easily managed. But when you’re staring at your little girl on that table… sleeping, eyes not fully closed, breathing so shallow that you keep putting your hand on her chest to make sure she’s still alive. It’s intense, to say the least. It’s hard on the little one going through it, but it’s also hard on the Moms and Dads that have to hold their hand while they cry over the needle sticks and general fear being surrounded by all of the medical equipment. It’s also heartbreaking when you realize, this is just the test. Eventually comes a wait for a kidney match and then a transplant.

So, if there is a comic this week, it will probably be delayed. Please pray for everything to go well, and my little girl to get all the treatment she needs to live a healthy life. We appreciate all your prayers and well wishes.