Thanks to everyone for stopping by on launch week.

ForeverFamilyComic has been a long time in the making. As a stand-up comic you spend a lot of nights away from home. This means overnights at hotels or late drives home after shows. Once we adopted I realized the overnights needed to be trimmed back. Then I realized I’d rather listen to my kids talk about their day face-to-face instead of schlepping back from a show, by myself in a car every night. A compromise had to be made. Thus the idea of a Comic – who writes a comic was born.

A big word in the adoption world is ‘Attachment’. It’s uber important. You have to spend time with your kids. Grow bonds that didn’t take root automatically at birth. Some families never really get there – and it’s through no lack of effort by the parents. It’s sad, but it happens. I didn’t want a lack of presence to be the reason for a weak connection with my son & daughter. Truth be told, our kids attached to us right away. We were always a natural fit, but I didn’t want to risk a break in that chain.  I also wanted to make sure I still had a venue for sharing the great material a blended family brings. So here is that place.

In the coming months I hope there is plenty for you to enjoy and SHARE. That’s a biggie. I really would like to get this in front of as many eyeballs as possible and YOU are the ones that can make that happen. Each week I will be updating the site 3 times. Monday: A blog/preview about the upcoming comic. Wednesday: The newest comic [please share on FaceBook]. Friday: I will be publishing one of my son’s comics. Trust me, they can outmatch me for wit and pure talent. You can see one now by clicking CJ’s Comics up top.

I’ve got to thank a few people quickly. Jared Cullum, over at PeaGreenCoffeeCup for inspiring the move online. Micah Acord, who draws ‘Rednecks in Space’, helped me immensely with concept drawings for ForeverFamily. He’s responsible for the level of polish that I would not have achieved out of the gate, if left to my own devices. I imagine you’ll see some guest spots from him in the near future. Thanks to Bethany Christian Services for their help in our adoption. If you want to adopt, this is the first & last stop for help in that mission.

And of course, thanks to my wife and kids, without whom most of these strips would be impossible to create. They are a daily source of love and inspiration. I pray nightly I never let them down.

I still do stand-up performances and speak about adoption at churches and conferences. If you would like to book me at your venue, contact me at