I guess we’re coming up on Fall. I know this because back to school signs are out, new TV lineup ads, and the fact that they’re selling Christmas wrapping paper in Costco. I can tell you how I DON’T know fall is approaching: Leaves on the ground. Is this still a thing that happens? A certain window of time when leaves flutter beautifully to the lawn, as you start pulling on long sleeves and sipping pumpkin lattes?

The leaves never stop falling at my house, or as the future Batman would say, “NEVAH EVAH!”. I’m always in a state of foliage rustling. If someone could send my yard a message on the appropriate time to let its hair down, I’d appreciate it.

Wednesday’s all new comic will showcase the latest weapon I have, in my arsenal to combat the Leafpocolypse invading my home-front. Hope you enjoy and share with your friends.
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