“Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high.” Can you? Well first you have to read the CORRECT words on the page. I always have to remind the kids, it’s called READING not GUESSING.

It’s wild to see a kid learn to read. The whole world opens up for them when they do – and you can see it on their face. But then the ego kicks in. “I know how to read now!” It’s funny how they learned to sound out words to lean to read, then refuse to sound out a single one, once they ‘know how to read’.

It’s the first moment of real hubris you see in your kid. Well, it was for us. We adopted our kids at 3 & 5. I’m guessing when Ollie learns to walk, that first step will hold that same look of, “I’ve got this!” Only to face-plant immediately after.

Check out this week’s comic on Wednesday. We’ll explore the kid’s reading skills and see if they’re palatable.