Melody has always wanted to go apple picking. We’ve missed the season each year for, well… forever. This year, however, the stars seemed to align. We had friends who knew a good place to go, and we were all going to make a day of it. We thought it would be a fun family trip. Then my kids happened. Namely, they spent the last week at school acting like mooks. They were warned, but they just don’t seem to get it together when they need to. I know I could have given them another chance, (of which I gave plenty), but this is a problem I’ve seen grow and grow with many a parent that you and I know. ——- Uh-oh. It’s turned into a rhyme.

Don’t be a dolt and let your kids play.
Even if cancelling ruins your day.
Yes, you made plans.
And yes it is sad.
But stand up for Christ’s sake,
And YOU be the DAD!
Cancel the journey and get out a broom.
Point to the garage with a face full of doom.
Grab some paper, then go grab a pen.
Make him write sentences, again and again.
Remind him of all the fun he is missing.
And when it’s all over, give hugs with some kissing.
Don’t forget at the end to hold hands and pray,
That tomorrow will be a much better day.
Never stop loving, but raise your kids right.
Sometimes with kindness, sometimes with might.
I’ll end with the prayer that I say each night.
Please protect my family, and lead us in Your sight.