CJ and I went camping this past weekend. Just an overnight trip for the boys. I think I’d been looking forward to it even more than him. What’s been driving me nuts recently, was putting off the trip. Not just due to the crazy weather we’ve been having, but because CJ just couldn’t get his act together.

You see, I have a hard time doing something fun with/for the kid whene he’s been in trouble. Especially if that particular trouble is the same issue popping up over and over again. And recently, we’ve had another visit from the lying bug. It’s never lying about anything big or important, but it’s persistent and it drives me nutty. Lying about something as small and ridiculous as leaving a piece of paper at school, feels worse to me than say, lying about breaking a window. It doesn’t justify the effort.

I’m also offended at the poorly crafted lies. Put some effort in it, son. Seriously. If you’re gonna lie, care about your craft. Really sell it! I was super guilty of lying at his age, but boy, did I hone my art. If his lies were anymore transparent, they’d cease to exist. Upon showing him the flaws in his yarn, he just digs in deeper, sticking to it until the inevitable reveal.

I’m hoping we can nip it in the bud before it really takes root in him. I’ve tried to explain, when I have to punish him, often I’m getting punished as well. This has actually seemed to help, as he’s a caring kid. Letting him know how restricting his fun restricts mine as well, shows him we’re in it together. It would be great if one day he realizes that as upset as I am when he does something wrong, I’ll never be as heartbroken as I am if he doesn’t trust me enough to tell the truth.