Well, we entered 2014 with little fanfare. I’m finding the change in the calendar doesn’t effect me as much as the change of season. Not the big 4 of Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall – but the seasons of my children.

It’s really interesting to see their little brains and behavior change. Every few months, there’s marked improvement with reading skills, math, etc. They even act differently, as if their personality springs a new bud, and what grows from this offshoot is a quirky voice or turn of phrase they repeat until the next cycle. Also strange, is how skills like cleaning the bathroom or picking up toys remains completely unaffected, never progressing in the tiniest amount. The region of the brain that harbors math & science must need to feed on the areas that govern cleanliness and the need to tidy up. This is the ONLY possible explanation… well that, or they just don’t give a crap (I know which one I’m leaning towards).

As I pondered the new year, I spent many moments in our hall. It houses pictures of the children since they were adopted in 2011. I was struck by how chubby Mia’s cheeks once were, how she’s growing taller and and the baby fat is disappearing from her face. I stared at CJ’s hands as we watched a movie, struck by how long his fingers have grown, hinting at the great height his body is sure to reach. Ollie once fit comfortably in one hand, but now, I have to carry him like a heavy package under my arm to do any job one handed.

Seasons sure are a-changin’. I hope you are all taking a moment, here and there, to notice them.