We’ve already established that I’m a Racist. What’s really concerning me, is that Mia might be on the road to Shunsville as well. She has that special kind-of racism that usually pops up in front of people. Where you just smile, shake your head, and shuffle her off to the re-programming room along with Malcolm McDowell. What is her particular flavor of racism you ask? As Hallie would say on Doc McStuffins, she’s got a bad case of the “You-All-Look-Alike-Atosis”. [btw is there any more blatant “you go girl” *wags finger in face* character than Hallie on Doc McS?]

I kid, of course. There’s no ill intent behind my daughter’s actions. But she DOES think every Black man is…. well… EVERY Black man. She watches a TV commercial, “Is that Mr. Rory?” Uh. No. That’s Michael Jordan. “Papa! Did you know Mr. Rory was the War Machine?” No, babe. That’s not one, but TWO different black men [and Don Cheadle rules]. If our friend Rory had HALF the gigs Mia thought he did, he’d be swimming in money, Scrooge McDuck style.

I’m not sure if this is a phase. I DO know we had her eyes checked. I mean, she doesn’t seem to notice the difference between Black men with hair and guys that are bald. I like to think she’s just using her imagination to put the people that she knows on screen, making it that much more real to her 5yo brain.

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel, however. She recently saw someone on TV that she did NOT immediately assume was Rory. “Papa, is that a White lady?” No, honey. That’s Michael Jackson. “Oh.”

Yeah. Wrap your little brain around that one, kid. The adults still haven’t figured it out.