We’ve been watching a lot of Turner’s Classic Movies lately. Yesterday, the kids and I started watching ‘Annie Get Your Gun”. It was bright, colorful, a little racist… everything you want from a classic movie. Seriously, watching this, the people posting their faux outrage on Facebook about the Redskins name would grab their left arm as their heart beat straight out of their chest.

But that’s not the worst part of this movie.

I’m no feminist, but I wanted to buy a N.O.W. flag, just to hurl it like a javelin through my TV watching this thing. To sum up, the horse’s rear-end of a man that Annie is interested in, just can’t deal with the fact that she’s a better shot then him. To add insult to injury, she throws a contest in the last minutes, so he’ll marry her and they can be showbiz partners… his name first of course.

What a load of dreck.

Luckily, Mia went off to get ready for Church, right before the final scene. In truth, she might not have wrapped her head around that particular plot point. One of the benefits of being 5. However, I was seething. Over a MUSICAL, nonetheless!

I don’t think women can do anything a man can do, just as I KNOW we can’t do anything a woman can do. There’s differences, and it’s time we stop pretending their aren’t – as if WISHING equality CREATES equality. Here’s the thing. NO ONE IS EQUAL! We all have skills, traits, abilities (or the lack of), that make us different. Gender carries some pretty unique ones.

That said, if my girl could out-shoot a boy, I’d tell her to keep it up. If he started a pity party and ran off because “girls aren’t supposed to be better than boys at shooting”, I’d tell her to aim higher (metaphorically… and physically if he ever threw up a hand).

As Mia bounced back down the stairs, she asked me how the movie ended. I said, “She let the boy win the contest because he was a big baby about things”, leaving out the impending marriage to a broad shouldered sissy-boy. She accepted that, and went on with her day. Hours later, I was still under a mental rain cloud over a cheesy movie with a dumb message.

Look, this movie has a LOT of things wrong with it. Overacting so bad, it could be confused with a current day Disney show (yeah, they really stink). The view that Indians will straight up kidnap a woman and “adopt her” into their tribe, though a ritual that looks like a gang rape.

But what still twist’s my undies, is that every time said jerk walks in a room, Annie’s mouth drops open and she’s so knocked out by his good looks, she’s willing to give up at something she’s great at. I hope my daughter NEVER learns that lesson. She may never be ‘great’ at anything in her life. Maybe she’ll just be mediocre. That happens. But I never want her to give up her passion just to tag along with some boy as his arm candy.

I guess I’ll sign off by saying, “I am NOT woman, but hear me roar anyway”. Roar on, Mia. Roar on.