Every kid should have a dog. It teaches them responsibility and gives them companionship from a creature that offers unconditional love.

That said, you do have to come to terms with the fact that the dog has a personality, all his own. Hobbes is, at his heart, a battering ram. If you choose not to play with him, he will force physical contact if necessary. We have mostly curbed the jumping up on people, but he will will take a run at your legs, and often tries to lay as much of his body on any part of yours as dogly possible. All he wants is for you to pick up his rope and play tug-of-war. And then do it again. And again. And…

I do feel bad for the guy sometimes. The abuse he takes from OllieMac seems never ending. The older two turn a blind eye, as they’re just happy Ollie has turned his destructive tendencies on someone other than them. The other night, I witnessed him repeatedly stand up and sit down on Hobbes’s head, as if it were a ball hopper. To his credit, Hobbes handled it with grace. All in all, I think everything breaks even when it comes to “who did what to whom”.

So, today, we celebrate our dog Hobbes. He gives as good as he gets. Good or bad, he’s part of our clan and wee salute him.