We’re back from a slew of Doctors visits and surgeries. Some went better than others – we’ll keep you updated. This week, I’m re-posting something I wrote on Facebook, while ForeverFamilyComic.com was on medical hiatus.

I love dogs & cats too, but wouldn’t it be awesome if people cared about adopting children as much as they do about rescuing animals. You want to know why I adopted our 2 kids? Because I was EMBARRASSED by the excess we have, knowing there were children that needed help. An excess of TIME, FOOD, WEALTH, and LOVE. I don’t know anyone in my current circle without a little bit extra of all those things.

I’m pro animal shelter. That’s how we’ve always taken animals into our home. But how about you help a hurting kid First? Then place a puppy in his/her hands and say “Now you show them the love we showed you, and God shows us”. Embarrassment isn’t a word I choose lightly in describing how we should feel about the children with no homes & families out there. And as far as the Christian Church is concerned, you should replace the word embarrassed with ASHAMED. Think of your excess and your selfishness. Look around your homes and what you spend your time collecting. Your piles of books, action figures, DVDs, jewelry, purses, electronics, etc. I’m guilty of these things too – and trying daily to curb these tendencies. I PROMISE I’m not trying to sound ‘better than’, but as Christian people we have failed in executing the #1 directive of loving your neighbor as yourself. “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” Who are you going to write that charity check to this Christmas? Who are you going to bring into your home to love on, squeeze, and hold?

I’m NOT asking you to not write a check to your local SPCA, please do! Just send another check of an equal or greater amount to someone like Bethany Christian Services. When you grab a name off the ‘gift tree’ in the mall, realize that with some paperwork, and not a lot of cash, you could give a child a HOME next Christmas. WOW!!! Wouldn’t that beat a $15 toy in a box. An actual Mom and Dad to call their own. THAT is a gift you will BOTH cherish forever.