This past weekend Mia, CJ, & I spent the night in a parking lot. We weren’t waiting in line for tickets or joining some Occupy Movement. Nope, we were at a Family Camp Out thrown by Chick-fil-a. We had a great time, and thanks to a friend’s loan of a heater, Mia and I had the warmest tent there. It was 39 degrees outside, but we were toasty, to the point Mia said “Papa, it’s too hot”. It was a fun night of games, s’mores, and laser tag, but when it was time to sleep, I was thinking about how much we looked like survivors in an episode of ‘Walking Dead’. Shadows passed over the tent. Sounds of traffic could have easily been hungry, flesh starved zombies. Then I look over at Kidney Bean and she’s sleeping peacefully, not a care in the world. Papa was there, so she knows she’s safe. It’s so curious how the mind works. A bruised knee? A magic kiss from Papa to heal it. A cold night? Snuggle up before being carried to her own bed. See something scary? Just hide behind Papa. So much scary stuff happening in this world, but my daughter thinks I can keep it all at bay. I wish I could. I sure am doing my best – for what THAT’S worth. Hopefully I can get her to the point she can take care of herself and one day, then take care of her own little girl. Although, I’d be happy if she just stayed that trusting little girl forever, holding on to her Papa.