Recently, my son had a friend say they weren’t allowed to ‘do Halloween’. My father was a minister, (however misguided That choice was), for a large portion of my youth. I remember the Church’s ‘Fall Festivals’ or ‘Family Fun Nights’, that were meant to give your children safe haven from the devilish Hallow’s Eve. Even as a kid, I realized, “you’re still celebrating Halloween, just slapping a different name on it”. The right way to handle it would be to treat the night like any other – watching inappropriate TV shows while letting your children troll around social media hours beyond a reasonable bedtime.

Let’s face facts. Halloween isn’t really a day to worship the devil – it’s about the candy. OK… it’s also about Moms dressing WAY too seductively. My daughter saw a woman in a ‘Naughty Nurse’ costume and said, “Hey Papa, look! A dentist!” If that was what dentists looked like, tooth decay would have been eradicated among the male species DECADES ago.

So, two points:
1. Have some fun with your kid. Slap on a mask and fill a bag with sugary goodness. If you want to discuss what Halloween used to mean or COULD mean to some people, more power to you. Discussion and education is YOUR JOB AS A PARENT.
2. Put some clothes on, Moms. Much like Cotton Candy is not meant for home consumption, Visible Garters most certainly are. Get a room. Preferably one with the shades drawn. The passage of time is not as friendly as the costume advertisement may have led you to believe.

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