This week, barring any rain or snow delays, we’ll be introducing you to CJ’s alter-ego, ‘Captain Lunchbox’. He earned this title the first weekend we had him in our home. He ate everything in front of him… and everything left in front of anyone else. You could chalk this up to a growing appetite, but it was more than that. CJ’s birth mother would got days without feeding him. When he was moved into foster care, he would hoard food. He’d stash it in his pillow case, under the bed… wherever he found a hiding place. The foster parents would send him to school with a bagged lunch, but he’d tell teachers he had none, so he could eat twice.

When they started coming to our house for weekend visits, we lived in a house with no pantry. All of the food was on display, in open shelves in the kitchen. He could see there was plenty of good eats at our place. We told him, “If you want something, just ask first”, and let him eat accordingly. He never snuck a bag of chips nor hid a single piece of food in our house. He knew he’d be fed. He knew he was someplace safe. He knew he was HOME.

The ‘Captain Lunchbox’ moniker stuck, however. Now, when he’s woofing down his dinner, I look at him and he repeats, “I know, Papa. ‘Slow down CJ. No one is gonna take it away from you'”. I want him to know there will always be plenty for him, so appreciate it. Plenty of food. Plenty of LOVE.

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