Anticipating how much is involved when adopting a child with a severe kidney disorder is a fool’s errand. Depending on the Doctor, how the stats are at the time, the schedule at the hospital… any of these throws off any estimation of time and effort. This past week, she (& we?) went through another round of tests. Xrays, ultrasounds, radioactive ivs – this is all part of the gig. She was a trooper throughout the entire process.

Luckily, Mia and CJ had been picked to ride the Zamboni at the local minor league hockey game that same evening. It was all in celebration of adoption with Bethany Christian Services and Adopt VA Kids. A fun event like this is more effective than the anesthetic at making a little girl forget her troubles. There was no Doctor, no catheter, no needles in the arm. Just a little girl riding a Zamboni and waving to smiling fans. In Mia’s mind, everyone was there to see her that night. Not just hockey, but a little girl with her whole life ahead of her. Troubles forgotten. Smile on her face.

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