This weekend, CJ and Mia’s former Foster Family came for a visit. We’ve found that with a semi-open adoption, [basically anyone other than Mom and Dad are fair game], our family has taken a cue from the Grinch’s heart and grown three sizes. Wednesday’s comic will feature repercussions of this great familial size shift.

But what also happened, was CJ saying “You know, I had a Mom before my Foster Mom”. OK. Here we go.

I have given him vague prompts in the past to see if he would share this information on his own. He has never bit. Melody and I, long ago, decided to be completely transparent [while age appropriate] about his parents, and why he and his sister couldn’t stay with them.

So, after Mia was in bed, we spent about a half hour going over how Birth Mom wasn’t able to do the things she should for her kids. We also let him know that Grandma made sure to find them a great Forever Home with Forever Parents. I capitalize these words because they’re significant in our life. Forever is a big deal to us. No outs. No take backsies. Just love, from day one til we’re no longer on this earth.

The conversation went well, but I’m sure it will come up many more times, for many more years. He understood the important part, though. We love him and his sister, and that will Never change.