You may be thinking this week will feature the first Ollie comic, but you’d be wrong. We still need some time with this stinker before we get a feel for his personality.

So, on to this week’s comic.

When we adopted CJ & Mia, we learned some interesting [read Horrible] facts. One, was that birth mom was an honest to goodness, real-life gypsy from Chile. Researching Chilean gypsies, we found stories of tourist’s money being taken and turned to dust for blessings, curses given, hexes, and even giving rubber cement to children so they’d stop asking for food. It’s no surprise that when birth mom got an ear infection that brought on deafness, she was subsequently dropped on the side of the road and told “ayekantun” [have a good time].

So in homage to the great Lucy van Pelt, we will be introducing Mia the Gypsy. She’ll be popping up from time to time exacting her revenge on classmates or shaking the tin can for hexes & vexes. Hope you enjoy.

I’m off to get some sleep. Ollie is just falling aslee… oh wait…. he’s hungry again.

Check back for the fun on Wednesday.
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