It’s funny how many people had the same comment, when we adopted. “Oh wow! You’ve got some great tax deductions now!” As if the amount you save on your taxes is anywhere NEAR the amount you’ll spend on these little black-holes-of-money-sucking-creatures. I’m no fan of paying more than I owe, but I always felt as a D.I.N.K. couple (dual income no kids), we deserved the same reward for plodding through each year; paying for public schools, childcare programs, and everything else on the list. This isn’t a political website, but I’m positive the system we have is beyond inequitable and flat out unfair. Our savings were compounded by the stealthy appearance of Ollie last year. Who knew inside that uterus lurked yet another tax break? At this point, I’ll take every dollar back I can get, but know the system isn’t working. Educate yourselves (and your kids) on a better solution.

I recommend checking out If you’ve ‘heard’ this isn’t a good plan, take the time to read it for yourselves. Example: Household goods that everyone needs are tax free. This means people at or below the poverty level aren’t strapped when it comes to providing basic necessities. I doubt this will ever get passed, because it strips pretty much all power over your finances from those above, but it’s worth a shot, isn’t it?