I’m going to re-post something I wrote on Facebook when we found out we (Yes, WE. I’m up till 4AM too, you know) got pregnant. This was deffinitely not plan A. Or B. Or… how many letters are there in the alphabet? Anyway, we have started the epic odyssey that is Adoption + Breeding. This week’s comic is one of our current battles. We wage it daily. We often lose. Check back Wednesday for the full comic.

“Many of you know that 2 years ago Melody and I decided to adopt. We’d been told we could not have a baby at that point, (16 years of marriage), and once my wife decided she was 100% OK with it, I said, “Hey. Let’s adopt”. Our heart broke for the children sitting in the foster system with no parents of their own. The siblings we adopted were going to have an even harder time finding a family because: there were 2 of them, they were mixed race, and my daughter only has 1 kidney… which doesn’t work properly. She will, eventually, be on the transplant list. We are a happy family and we love them as our own. Yesterday, the day before Valentines, coming up on our 18th year of marriage, we found out Melody is 15 weeks pregnant. If you don’t believe in God, it’s not my job to convince you of His existence. But if you do… this is surely proof that he has a sense of humor. M’s family has had a very sad history with babies not coming to full term. We are praying to be the exception. We ask that you pray the same too, as often as you can or remember too. We are excited. Our Kids are excited. We believe in miracles. Oh, and men….. Try to top that as a Valentines Day present.

And go adopt a Kid! Trust me, you have room for one more! Bethany Christian Services”