True, a man’s word is only as good as his actions, but there are so many actions ascribed to some words.

It’s bad enough kids have to learn the difference between their/there/they’re (of course based on Facebook posts, they never do). My kids also have to wrestle with the word adoption. Last week we tackled the adoption of pets. This week, we look at the idea of adopting someone by way of gifts or help. I guess I could have highlighted how we ‘adopt’ kids in Africa on 7 cents a day, but I couldn’t bear drawing an emaciated lad with flies around him.

I also don’t want to imply the work being done by some people and organizations isn’t worthy of our support, but my kids appear mighty confused on what adoption really means.

I did get a kick out of drawing this week’s comic. When it was complete, I stepped back and though, “Oh, man. I may have just drawn Comic CJ’s, Comic Birth Dad.” Even in cartoon form I felt fat and unworthy. When this boy grows up to tower over me, (which will probably be around the age of 12), I sure hope he understands that size doesn’t matter in the household chain of command. Hmmmm. Maybe we should bring a soldier in the house to teach him a few things.

After all, “knowing is half the battle!”

Happy National Adoption Month & Veterans Day.