Usually, I write a blog post about the comic that is coming up Wednesday, or at least ties into it somehow.

All I can think to write is a horrible story about an incident that happened on the road yesterday. All afternoon it just looped in my head, and I thought ‘THIS is a great blog post’, but today, I realized this isn’t the place for it. Maybe I will post it on FBook sometime soon.

I will say, Carlin and I had a blast at SPX (Small Press Expo) this past weekend. A ton of independent comic book artists came out to show and sell their wares. If CJ continues to follow his current trajectory, I have no doubt he will be behind a table one day, signing books for adoring fans. It was really impressive to see all these guys plugging away and doing what they love. One artist had just finished printing his book before the trip. He then spent his train ride from Chicago to Virginia binding them together for the show.

What is the comic about this week? At this point, your guess is as good as mine. I know that Ollie Mac is sapping every bit of energy I have. Pile on to that family obligations, stress of helping (or not helping) out friends in trouble. Oh yeah… I have 2 other kids and a wife that needs attention too! Check back and we’ll see what happens this Wednesday.